Sarah Harwell

The latest addition to FEATURE's various designer labels, D-R-G-N is a creative collective made in collaboration with the Bruce Lee Family. Rooted in community and fashion, the label expresses these ideas through apparel. Named after Bruce Lee’s birth year and time, the Dragon is a symbol of the Chinese zodiac and resembles strength and endurance. 


The philosophy of D-R-G-N is geared toward the lifestyle and career of Bruce Lee, and living one’s true authentic self. Lee’s ethos of bettering oneself is an ode to the designs themself. The graphics from their apparel are made from artificial intelligence, inputting the ideas of Bruce Lee’s mentality and using the images that are generated from them. This makes the garments based on an idea and not the design itself, making the apparel unique and one-of-a-kind. The color stories of the garments also represent significant colors in Chinese storytelling, such as bright red. The colors and number motifs, such as 8, meaning prosperity, translate to the meaning of each piece of clothing, giving each its own unique story. 


Thoughtfully designed and crafted, the garments are heavily treated, pre-washed, washed, dyed, rinsed, and often treated again depending on the clothing item, for a vintage-inspired, soft hand feel. Made to embrace a powerful feeling and confidence, each piece is made for every body type, the sizing varying on the fit that the wearer chooses. D-R-G-N’s selection of hoodies, tees, and sweatpants is cut from a high-quality French Terry and jersey. FEATURE x D-R-G-N’s capsule collection features hoodies constructed with a boxy fit and a straight, ribbed hem that accentuates the waist length of the garments. With a 24 motif for the year of the Dragon, the designs are embroidered with a single-stitch needle method. 


Embracing craftsmanship in apparel construction as well as artificial intelligence-made graphics, D-R-G-N is unique and carries on the central theme of Bruce Lee’s legacy. 


Shop D-R-G-N’s apparel online and in-store.

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