Tuesday May 28, 2013

40oz NY Givenchy Stars and Balmain NY Restock Available Now

Known for his notorious internet fame, 40oz Van has made a great buzz around the fashion scene with his high fashion inspired snapbacks. Creating his company, 40oz NY, he continued to pursue success by creating more designs and collaborating with many respectable individuals of today. Back due to popular demand, the signature Givenchy stars ($55) and Balmain NY ($55) snapback is back in stock. In addition to restock, the all black version of the Givenchy stars is in stock as well. Grab yours today! Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or info@featurelv.com. International Shipping available.

- Francis Santos

Sunday July 3, 2022

Advisory Board Crystals Abc. 123 Summer Arrivals

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Friday July 1, 2022

New Styles: Golden Goose

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