Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

WTF! Happened: 112

Formed in Atalanta, a R&B quartet called, 112 came together and later on became a staple in music history. The group consisted of Marvin Eugene "Slim" Scandrick, Michael Marcel Keith, Quinnes "Q" Parker, and Daron Jones. The four met in high school and after performing at a talent show they gained the attention from music managers from Bad Boy Records. In 1996, they released their first album, 112 and eventually went double platinum. In the mid 90's, 112 released hit singles over and over gaining more mainstream success. In the mid 2000's, controversy occurred in the group due to money causing Michael Keith to leave. In 2010, Keith reconciled and rejoined the team for the recording of their sixth album but did not release. In 2012, the four members rejoined once again for a tour titled, For The Fans Tour. Although new material has not surfaced, 112 will forever be mentioned when it comes to R&B music.

- Francis Santos

Sunday June 26, 2022

Just Arrived: Puma Hairy Suede VTG

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Saturday June 25, 2022

Saint Michael Spring Arrivals

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