An Alternative Halloween: Grunge + Punk-Inspired

An Alternative Halloween: Grunge + Punk-Inspired

Haven Neiman

An Alternative Halloween

Grunge + Punk-Inspired

Embracing the Halloween aesthetic can’t only be done by wearing a costume. This year, consider straying away from the standard Halloween costume and explore our curated selections of holiday-appropriate apparel that embodies the Halloween spirit of grunge and punk aesthetics. From tees, cardigans to hoodies, be ready for this year’s celebrations while maintaining an elevated and sleek look. With grunge and alternative inspiration throughout each design, gain inspiration for your outfit with brands such as Mastermind JAPAN, Saint Michael, Bounty Hunter, Neighborhood, and more.


The iconic skull and crossbones motif from streetwear brand Mastermind JAPAN is placed throughout their collection items. Launched in 1997, the brand features a grunge approach to streetwear. Their cult-like following is vast, while the fashion label combines luxurious aesthetics with streetwear designs, creating an unmistakable style. Punk graphics and premium materials set this brand apart. The Saint Michael brand’s apparel processes everything by hand for a truly authentic feel for a more vintage aesthetic. Their bold and brash graphics are the perfect pieces of clothing to incorporate into your Halloween-inspired outfit. The fashion label Readymade was founded by Yuta Hosokawa, the same designer who owns Saint Michael. This brand is known for upcycling and reworking vintage military gear to give it a modern touch. Readymade’s aesthetics displayed through their apparel blend seamlessly with any Halloween aesthetic.


Bounty Hunter incorporates American punk rock and motorcycle culture into their high-end Japanese streetwear apparel for a more punk approach. Their clothing primarily features black, and their signature crest and biker motifs are placed on various clothing, including t-shirts and hoodies. Neighborhood is fueled by authentic Japanese culture mixed with contemporary designs as one of the leading brands that specializes in high-end menswear. The bold and brash brand Neighborhood features clothing that emphasizes designs with dark colors that are the perfect addition to a spirited outfit. Wacko Maria’s streetwear mantra incorporates inspiration from punk and religious imagery throughout each collection item through various jackets, button-up shirts, and additional apparel. Throughout each design, the brand continues to craft imagery that is easily recognizable.


Have your outfit make a statement this Halloween with our alternative apparel options from our selection of brands. Shop the latest arrivals from these brands at all retail locations + online. To shop the latest arrivals, click here.

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