An Out of World Experience: Brain Dead SS21

An Out of World Experience: Brain Dead SS21

Chelsie Rendon

When Ed Davis and Kyle Ng came together to bring Brain Dead to life, it instantly became a hit as many became devoted to the rare and unique pieces that were created by varying artists and designers. Upon introduction, it was clear that the brand will lead with graphic heavy garments that played with an unconventional approach to clothing. Utilizing this method makes the fashion label unique as they introduce different creators and designers within each collection. This contributes to the overall success of the brand since every collection stands-out from one another. The aesthetic commonly seen within the label takes cues from punk, skate culture, and eccentric ideology. Brain Dead is based in Los Angeles but has a worldwide presence as they venture into different categories and highlight a variety of artists and creators. 

Within the latest collection, Brain Dead explores otherworldly dimensions that diverts from reality. The graphics presented within the SS21 collection are eclectic and don’t follow traditional styling rules. The fashion label showcases these designs through utilitarian fabrics that are infused with non-conventional details. Within the collection we are also introduced to various textiles that contrast each piece for a mix-match approach. For example, corduroy varsity jackets are met with clean-cut pleated pants. Brain Dead wants to make a statement within their deliveries; making them distinguishable against the sea of clothing. 

The SS21 collection introduces the Jacquard Patchwork Letterman Jacket; a garment that is designed with a color block palette. Within its construction, the jacket introduces corduroy patchwork with embroidered branding along the front. Jacquard ribbing is seen within the collar, waistband, and cuffs while a snap button closure provides security during times of wear. The jacket sees a stimulating yet muted color palette that can be matched to any outfit. 

In conjunction with the jacket, the Whips and Chains Wide Leg Pleated Pants makes an appearance as it showcases art by Alehsy embroidered upon the front and backside. The sophisticated and elegant design of the pant is disrupted with futuristic and abstract illustrations in a contrasting color. Made with premium twill cotton, the pants come complete with a button closure and pleated detailing upon the upper. The Tutorials Poplin Button-Up features similar aesthetics to the pants as the embroidered motifs decorate the piece. The shirt reverts to Brain Dead’s ethos as the unconventional designs are placed within sophisticated and quality garments. 

Brain Dead’s SS21 collection is now available online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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