Billionaire Boys Club’s Winter Capsule Highlights Mosaic + Abstract Aesthetics

Billionaire Boys Club’s Winter Capsule Highlights Mosaic + Abstract Aesthetics

Chelsie Rendon

The well-anticipated collections that Billionaire Boys Club delivers are feverishly sought-after in hopes to obtain unique pieces from creative director Ross Westland. The fashion label was brought to life in 2003 by renowned artist Pharrell and A Bathing Ape creator, Nigo. Going into its 18th year, Billionaire Boys Club has put forth their latest winter collection that was delivered in two separate capsules. Within its second delivery, we find a familiar pattern utilized within each look. A mosaic and abstract concept works its way into the apparel along with a vibrant color palette that focuses on orange and blue hues.  The varying materials used in construction emphasize its premium composition and craftsmanship. Within the collection, each piece stays true to the fashion label by displaying traditional branding or its classic astronaut motif.  The Abstract Long Sleeve perfectly showcases the common themes within the collection. Abstract shapes and Billionaire Boys Club’s traditional branding join forces to create the contemporary graphic. Within the same colorway, embroidered astronaut heads are placed along the sleeves tributing the fashion label’s original logo. Another standout piece within the collection is the Pluto Sweater. The composition consists of mohair, wool, nylon, and acrylic creating a luxurious and high-quality finish. With raw-edged tailoring, the sweater utilizes the abstract shape pattern in a pastel colorway breaking up the dark wool construction. Billionaire Boys Club also reenvisions the beloved puff jacket. The winter collection showcases two designs titled, ‘Bundled Jacket’ and ‘Grizzly Jacket.’  The use of nylon fabric, a full-length zipper, and a standup collar revert to traditional stylings of a puffer jacket that can be found within each design. Billionaire Boys Club’s attention to detail is particular as they present intricate embroidery and high-quality screen-printed graphics. Both designs follow the familiar colorway and mosaic patterns, complementing other apparel pieces within the collection. The ‘Trek Jean’ and ‘Star Dust Jogger’ follow the same aesthetics and characteristics as the jackets, providing a monochromatic outfit or the ability to wear the pieces individually.

Billionaire Boys Club Second Winter Delivery is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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