Billionaire Boys Club Summer Delivery II Available Now

Billionaire Boys Club Summer Delivery II Available Now

Marissa Villamor

Founded in 2003 by Pharrell Williams and NIGO, Billionaire Boys Club has been a staple in the fashion industry ever since its inception. Famous for its iconic arch logo and astronaut mascot, Billionaire Boys Club offers a variety of men’s and kid’s apparel in classic streetwear styles from graphic t-shirts, hoodies and sweats. The collections are known for their all-over prints and often feature space and intergalactic inspired designs. Billionaire Boys Club motto is “wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket” and can be reflected throughout a handful of collections with similar, lighthearted messages. 

Billionaire Boys Club has released their Summer Delivery II perfect for the Summer heat. Their Summer delivery is inspired by artisans by the sea, featuring designs that mimic the different movement of water. The collection features classic summertime silhouettes from cloth shorts, jean shorts, t-shirts and tanks in their signature bold and bright colors. Popular items throughout the collection are the varsity shorts, solar shorts and a variety of graphics from the spectrum tee, wellness tee and meditate tee. The collection also features their classic dazed t-shirts with the Billionaire Boys Club and astronaut logo. 

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