Brands That Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Brands That Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Haven Neiman

Brands That Celebrate Earth Day Every Day


Earth Day is celebrated annually, and each year’s traditions include raising awareness about environmental issues and raising awareness about how to maintain the planet's health. What first began in 1970 has since grown and implemented itself into our cultures, including fashion. In honor of this year’s Earth Day celebrations, we are spotlighting the brands we carry that are committed to sustainable practices and reducing their environmental impact. Continue reading to learn more about how Veja, Nudie Jeans, Akila, Adidas, and Nike honor Earth Day every day.




First established in France in 2005, Veja is a sneaker brand well-versed in eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Veja is committed to standing with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility. The brand recognizes that its transparent attitude regarding its sustainable practices will pave the way for future brands. The brand utilizes fair-trade organic cotton and other sustainable materials like wild rubber that uses rubber tappers to protect the Amazonian forest. Committed to safeguarding its material’s ecosystems, Veja stands out within the fashion industry by ensuring its products aren’t diminishing wildlife. While also utilizing recyclable packaging, Veja uses ChromeFree leather and manufactures and farms all of its products within the same country (Brazil) to reduce carbon emissions.


Nudie Jeans


Swedish brand Nudie Jeans was founded in 2001 by Maria Exiron and Joakim Levin, and the two take pride in manufacturing their products fairly and ethically. The environmentally-forward thinking brand is primarily known for its denim offerings, made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a necessity for sustainability as non-organic cotton accounts for 25% of the world’s use of artificial pesticides. Their use of organic cotton reduces their overall water consumption by 91% compared to conventional cotton. Nudie Jeans has impacted the fashion industry tremendously, as they continuously follow organic ordinances, fairtrade rulings, and recyclable practices with complete transparency.




Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are also crucial to the independent eyewear brand Akila. Known for their distinct frames that make a statement, Akila reworks traditional eyewear and makes an environmentally-friendly statement with their plant-based acetate crafted from cotton and wood pulp fibers. Each frame from Akila is biodegradable over time. The Akila brand advocates sustainability, as its frames and packaging are eco-friendly. To Akila, style and sustainability can coexist together in harmony. Akila advocates for sustainability, as they chose to create products that are made to last a lifetime without compromising UV protection, as all of their frames come with 100% UV protection.




Adidas is incredibly vocal about reducing plastic waste by introducing various new practices and offerings that emphasize that notion. Adidas is determined to positively impact the environment, as they utilize recycled plastic in a variety of their shoes like the Adidas Ultraboost. This recycled plastic was initially found in the oceans. Adidas joined together with the non-profit environmental organization Parley for the Oceans in this initiative to mitigate the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. In addition to physically creating shoes that utilize this recycled material, Adidas also often creates clean-up events, marathons, and additional ways they highlight their sustainability efforts. By 2024, Adidas aims to use only recycled polyester in their products and address the impact on mainstream cotton farming and the use of harmful gasses.




Powerhouse athleisure apparel and footwear brand Nike has made a notable impact on the environment with their ‘Move to Zero’ campaign. By emphasizing efforts in leading toward a zero-carbon and zero-waste future, Nike has made remarkable progress in supporting sustainable production and is transparent regarding its projects and goals in helping the environment's health. To Nike, it's worth it to invest in our plant. We can’t wait for solutions to protect the planet; we have to create them. To preserve the future of sport, Nike’s focus on carbon, waste, water, and chemistry is significant. Their most recent sneakers like the Nike Space Hippie and Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature move forward in merging sustainability and performance with their use of recycled materials like the Space Waste Yarn, Nike Grind, and Flyknit technology.

When it comes to supporting the environment and investing in the health of our Earth, these various brands do their part. Additional brands we carry that make an eco-friendly statement include Gallery Dept., MadeWorn, ReadyMade, Puma, Heron Preston, A-Cold-Wall, and Reese Cooper. To shop the latest arrivals from these sustainable brands, click here.

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