Classic + Contemporary AMBUSH SS21 Available Now

Classic + Contemporary AMBUSH SS21 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Power couple Yoon Ahn and Verbal have developed a solidified fashion label that takes inspiration from different aesthetics found within Tokyo while adding nods of Western society for a truly unique experience within each collection. This partnership will grow into the label we know as AMBUSH. Since 2002, they have been acquiring a solid loyal following as many artists and celebrities have noticed the label’s unique take on accessories. As the traction began to grow, Ambush decided to make its apparel debut in 2015. This step towards expansion provided unisex collections to fashion that wasn’t commonly seen within the field. Because of this, both Verbal and Yoon were named within the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 due to their influence within the fashion industry. Their growth is also contributed to continual collaborations with some of the top names within streetwear and luxury fashion. Ambush has partnered with many brands, including Sacai, Undercover, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Rimowa. 

As the label continues to grow, they have introduced their latest collection that approaches fashion with a minimal outlook and subtle yet distinct accents. The simplistic approach offers a timeless silhouette that was inspired by a laidback lifestyle we now see in modern society. Both Yoon and Verbal put the creative vision together as they reverted to their roots to introduce another unisex collection. With many standout pieces within the delivery, we’d like to highlight the Nylon Multicord Hoodie. Its quality design is delicately constructed as premium nylon is stitched within its base for a comfortable fit. The outerwear piece is met with flush details, including a snap button closure hidden within its fabrication and front pockets that emphasize its seamless design. But the multicord design is what truly makes it unique. The overall simplistic design is contrasted with neutral-colored chords which offer an eccentric touch. 

In addition to clothing, the spring capsule also includes varying jewelry pieces that follow the same theme. A medicinal motif makes its way within the collection and can be seen on accessories including a necklace and singular earring. The Pill Charm Necklace is designed in gold and silver, making it applicable for anyone’s style. Constructed with premium 925 silver, the necklace can be adjusted to your desired fit. An earring follows suit to the necklace as it also shines a light on the signature emblem and intricate engraving. Another earring that sees intricate engraving is the Feather Charm Earring. Similar to the Pill Charm, the feather sees a safety pin closure for optimal security. All of Ambush’s earrings in this collection are sold in a singular form for a modern and trendy aesthetic. Yoon and Verbal also reintroduce favored designs as seen on the Small Padlock Earring. The industrial design is well-known within their repertoire and offers a sense of familiarity to the new spring collection. 

The SS21 collection from AMBUSH is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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