Comme Des Garcons Wallet Latest Designs: Available Now

Comme Des Garcons Wallet Latest Designs: Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Rei Kawakubo created a fashion label in her early years unknowing where it may end up. The now renowned fashion label, Comme des Garçons fills the fashion industry with revolutionary and unforgiving designs. Her contemporary approach to fashion made her stand out against the sea of designs. What she created was dark and raw, something the industry wasn’t familiar with in the 80s. Because of this, CDG prospered and has been dominating the streetwear market to this day. The meaning of Comme des Garçons translates to “like boys.” This saying is what inspired her to create the heavy, dark, and worn-out collections that put her on the map. Now we find a mixture of these designs along with Kawakubo’s simplistic aesthetic. 

Within the wallet collection, we see a common use of leather and bold colors. The simplistic branding is recognizable throughout the collections and the main focus on each piece. Honing in on material, different designs are showcased stressing the importance of quality and not necessarily the brand’s name. For example, the Fat Tortoise Wallet demonstrates a more textured and unique type of silhouette. Branding can only be found within the card-slots. In true Rei Kawakubo style, she focuses on the quality and allows it to speak for itself. Another piece truly unique to the CDG collection is the Tartan Patchwork Wallet. This wallet is a combination of leather and wool, untraditional to its normal design. The red and green fabric is the main focal point whereas the inside reverts to typical CDG leather designs. The Brick Line Wallet is also apart of the latest collection. The glossy and puffy texture makes the piece stand out against the leather/matte materials commonly seen. The craftsmanship is particular and detail-oriented as each wallet is handmade in Spain. 

Comme des Garçons Wallet is available now online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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