Introducing the FEATURE Cabana Short

Introducing the FEATURE Cabana Short

Chelsie Rendon



Introducing our Cabana Shorts, a premium-made design that is a part of our ready-to-wear collection. Releasing in a wide range of color palettes, the shorts are the ideal transitional piece as it not only satisfies times near the pool but casual events and night outs. In addition to our shorts, our inimitable Kelven II Tee is also highlighted as new colorways make their debut. Paired together, we find a comfortable outfit that can be worn on all occasions. 


Our Cabana Shorts are a perfect summer essential that is also designed for everyday styles. Developed with premium polyester, the base is designed for a comfortable fit as functional details include an elastic waistband and internal adjustable drawstrings that can be altered to your liking. For a seamless look, the shorts include flush slit pockets on the side and a welted pocket at the rear. The singular pocket on the backside is detailed with a zipper closure for optimal security during times of activity. Against the colored base, our classic FEATURE branding is embroidered at the leg for a simplistic yet distinct touch. Because of its universal design, the shorts can be added to a variety of outfits. Perfect for the pool, the shorts can be worn while swimming and transition into a casual day time piece. The Cabana Shorts are meant for every season and all occasions. 

For The Pool + Everyday Wear

In addition to our shorts, new colorways of our Kelven II Tee make their debut. Pigment Red, Olive, and Blue are the latest additions to our ready to wear collection which coincides with our restock of distinct neutrals. The Kelven II is a closet staple as it reenvisions the traditional sew and cut with premium qualities. Made for a standard fit, the tee is constructed with quality US Pima cotton and includes a 20 single thread count that emphasizes its soft complexion. At the neckline we see intricate stitching as a serrated texture provides a subtle contrast to the base. Coinciding with the neckline, all of the hemlines include a triple-needle stitch that elevates the traditional tee for a long lasting and durable silhouette. The Kelven II is an everyday design that offers optimal breathability and comfort. The Cabana Shorts and Kelven II Tee emulates a style that is both casual yet dignified.


Incorporate the latest closet essentials into your routine as a wide range of colorways can be easily adapted to any aesthetic. Take a closer look at our newly introduced Cabana Shorts here and explore the new colorways of the Kelven II Tee by clicking here. In our latest YouTube video, we showcase the new colors of the Kelven and the signature fit of the Cabana Shorts. Click here to watch the full film. 

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