Elevating Signature Silhouettes with Visvim SS21

Elevating Signature Silhouettes with Visvim SS21

Chelsie Rendon

Visvim’s approach to fashion is inspired by Hiroki Nakamura’s fascination with American styling and the traverse background that he gained through experience. As a child, Nakamura had always looked to the west for inspiration so when his parents told him to look into expanding his knowledge in areas that don’t speak Japanese, he instantly headed towards America; Alaska to be exact. When Nakamura visited Alaska, he was introduced to a lifestyle completely different from what he has grown accustomed to. Here he was taught snowboarding and got to experience rural areas by camping. Surrounded by Native American culture, he was also enthralled by the clothing and fashion- particularly boots and moccasins. So when he traveled back home to Japan, he decided to get involved in design and landed a position within the Japanese branch of Burton Snowboards. Here, he was able to gain even more knowledge and develop an even heavier infatuation with his time in the US and overall fashion. 

Eight years later, Nakamura decided to follow his dreams so in 2001 the fashion label Visvim was brought to reality. The first design put forth was the FBT model; this silhouette combined the signature moccasin and fine-tuned its qualities with sneaker elements. Because of his time in Alaska, Nakamura thought it was important to make quality shoes with the right materials. Thus, his shoe’s contained premium leathers and suedes while the sole utilizes an EVA-phylon midsole to elevate its comfort. The non-conventional design was an instant success and within a year of Visvim’s inception, the label decided to also add clothing within its repertoire. In 2005, the footwear brand transformed into a full-fledged fashion label as it introduced menswear into the mix and eventually women’s clothing overtime. Nakamura’s approach to the overall aesthetic for Visvim is dubbed as, ‘future vintage.’ Each design has a sense of nostalgia and retro accents but keeps up with modern trends so they don’t become stale. Hiroki Nakamura works within Visvim’s headquarters in Japan and is now solidified within the footwear and clothing industry. Celebrities including John Mayer and Eric Clapton champion Visvim’s models, giving the label even more of a reputation. 

As we enter the year 2021, Visvim still sticks to its original designs and continuously provides upgraded and rendered versions of the silhouette that started it all. Within the SS21 collection, we are reacquainted with the FBT Shaman Folk as it utilizes traditional moccasin designs within its upper and a sneaker outsole. Constructed with premium UK cow suede, the base is decorated with fringe styling and stitched bead details within the footbed. The suede is hand sewn to provide its traditional aesthetic while the lower part of the shoe is constructed with a rubber outsole and EVA cushioning along the inner. A TPU stabilizer is implemented within the heel emphasizing its protection and durability during times of wear. The neutral colorings amplify its design, the silhouette can be seen in Black, Grey, Brown, and Light Brown- staple hues that can be easily implemented into anyone’s style. 

In addition to the footwear, we are also introduced to an array of Cotton Knit Caps, made for a hand-sewn feel. The designs are comprised of high-quality cotton providing comfort and warmth during times of wear. Minimalistic motifs can be seen upon the fold without taking away from its luxe qualities. Visvim’s focus on craftsmanship is held in high regard as Nakamura travels to discover new textiles and technologies in order to produce the best quality products possible. The vintage yet modern designs allow Visvim to successfully stay up to date with the forever-changing demands within the fashion community. 

The SS21 collection from Visvim is now available at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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