Explore ‘Layering Time’ from ADER error Available Now

Explore ‘Layering Time’ from ADER error Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

South Korean fashion label Ader Error has become immensely significant in fashion as they utilize a simplistic and minimalistic ideology with small details that make an impact. Launched in 2014, the label was created by an anonymous group of people with diverse backgrounds. Together, they stated a brand with the intent to spread art and culture through fashion. With this in mind, they wanted to utilize everyday and mundane items as their inspiration and turn it into something artist and contemporary. The fashion label strives to learn everyday and become better within their trade, the concept of an ‘infinite learning process’ is implemented into their daily routine so their designs and creations won’t stay stagnant. In their latest delivery Ader Error focuses on minimalist designs with simplistic touches. Titled, ‘Layering Time’ we see small details with large impacts including stitched layered fabrics and distressed hems and branding. Each design strays from bold branding and instead highlights the premium materials and schematic accents. 

Ader Error draws emphasis on oversized and long-line shirts that can be implemented and configured to many styles. The Needle Logo Layered T-Shirt is a prime example of the overall theme within the collection. Stitched fabrics are seen at the bottom hemline and arm cuffs signifying its layering aspects. Along with the multiple textures, raw trimmings are found at the edges and the signature Ader Error embroidered branding. To top everything off, a distressed and worn out overlay is seen throughout its design for a vintage aesthetic. Another piece that follows the collection’s title is the Layer Logo T-shirt. The chest is decorated with printed graphics reverting to the initials of the fashion label while embroidered stitching falls on top. Its imperfect lettering and outlines is a nod to Ader Error’s ethos and humble beginnings. 

In addition to the shirts, the collection also contains new styles of hoodies and sweatshirts. The Duct Tape Logo Hoodie is seen with the same distressed finishes similar to other pieces within the collection. Minimal details including layered stitching at the bottom hem and cuffs and a twisted finish on the kangaroo pocket contribute to the Ader Error aesthetic. Whereas the Kaput Sweatshirt takes on a sophisticated construction with ribbed trimmings and a standard crewneck. But the embroidered branding seen upon the chest is accented with hanging and unfinished string tying everything together. This particular sweatshirt can be seen in three colorways; Beige. Pink, and Purple. Premium craftsmanship is implemented within its processes for a long lasting silhouette that can withstand times of wear and activity. 

Grab a closer look at ‘Layering Time’ SS21 from Ader Error available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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