FEATURE Earth Day Tees

FEATURE Earth Day Tees

Haven Neiman


FEATURE Earth Day Tees

First originating in 1970, Earth Day is an annual event dedicated to celebrating our planet Earth. The holiday raises awareness about environmental issues of our shared world and how we can make efforts ourselves to maintain and improve the health of Earth. Join us in celebrating Earth Day by securing your outfit for the day with our new and exclusive FEATURE Earth Day Capsule. Read below to take a closer look at our latest graphic arrivals: the FEATURE Every Day Tee + Planet Earth Tees.


The first Earth Day-inspired graphic tee included in this new capsule is our FEATURE Every Day Tee. Seen in the shades Almond Oil and Dark Green, this arrival is a must-have for any graphics collection. The design is made for a standard fit and is crafted entirely from authentic 6.5 oz medium weight 220 GSM cotton. The primary spotlight of the graphic tee is the screen-printed branding and graphics placed throughout the exterior. At the front is the phrase ‘Every Day is Earth Day’ featuring a rainbow and Earth graphic below it. Underneath this graphic is the phrase ‘Join the Race to Make the World a Better Place.’ At the rear is the screen-printed phrase ‘Make the World a Better Place’ and ‘This message is brought to you by Feature.’


The final graphic tee addition to the Earth Day Capsule is our FEATURE Planet Earth Tee. The design is seen in the shades Sea Turtle and Little Boy Blue. Made for a standard fit, the design’s spotlighted attributes are the screen-printed FEATURE logo intertwined with an Earth graphic and star imagery. Composed of the same 6.5 oz medium weight 220 GSM cotton, at the rear is the phrase ‘Planet Earth,’ intertwined with our mantra ‘All Things Good (ATG).’ The following screen-printed quote finishes the comfortable and breathable Earth Day-inspired tee: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not enough to satisfy every man’s greed. The earth is one of the many things we all have in common. Love Yourself and your neighbor in every way, but please do not forget your planet too. Since Every Day is Earth Day.”


Don’t miss out on our new FEATURE Earth Day Capsule. Have your Earth Day outfit ready by clicking here.

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