For Utility and Beyond: How to Style Cargos

For Utility and Beyond: How to Style Cargos

Haven Neiman

For Utility and Beyond:

How To Style Cargos

Since they were first introduced in 1938 by the British army, cargo pants have revolutionized the fashion industry in their versatility and simplistic design. The British military first utilized the cargo pant as part of their standard uniform, and the silhouette featured a single pocket on the side thigh and one on the front hip. The early 40s is when the U.S. began incorporating the design into their military uniforms. The cargo was used initially on paratroopers when they were jumping out of place to keep belongings close. Cargo pants became standard for all branches of the military shortly after. Fast forward to almost fifty years later when the cargo pant grew from a clothing item only professionals wore to a piece worn by everyone one. Worn initially as decorative details, the style transformed into different types, including classic slim cargos with silhouetted pockets on the side, to the traditional baggy and pocketed cargo style.

Since its origin, the cargo pant has carried on centuries of transformation through all different types of fashion brands, including Stone Island, Rhude, John Elliot, and many more. A cargo pant can be incorporated into a variety of different styles of fashion. With that, we introduce you to three different ways to style cargo pants in a casual, technical, and high-end manner. All three styles utilize different types of cargo pants. Our first outfit features a pair of cargo pants from the well-known surf and skate-culture brand Stussy. Known for creating everyday pieces, the Stussy cargo pant is the perfect item to incorporate into any casual fit. Paired with the pants is a Marni L/S V-Neck Cardigan, which includes a stitched stripe pattern in its mohair-blended silhouette. Worn together, the outfit embodies an upgraded approach to comfortable casual clothing that makes a statement.


For a more technical look, as seen in the Stone Island cargo pants, an Ambush Fleece Top is blended into the outfit, providing a more chic manner to the overall design. Its modern and muted design pairs perfectly with the more technical approach featured in the pants. Known for assimilating a more technical fashion style into their pieces, the Stone Island cargo pants allow a clear finish to the design.


Featured in this high-end outfit is a pair of Readymade cargo pants. The military-style brand incorporates exclusive detailing to each piece, thereby elevating the overall look. An Acne Studios Logo Sweatshirt is paired with the pants, which intertwines the brand’s raw and contemporary energy throughout the silhouette.

Since its inception, the cargo pant has revolutionized the fashion industry with its versatility and minimalist silhouette. The traditional silhouette can be incorporated into just about any outfit style for a casual, technical, or tailored look. No matter your personal style, find your new pair of cargos from our curated collection of cargo pants. Click here to shop.

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