For Comfort and Beyond: Sweatpants

For Comfort and Beyond: Sweatpants

Haven Neiman

For Comfort and Beyond


The origin of sweatpants dates back almost one hundred years to France when the designer and founder of Le Coq Sportif Emile Camuset crafted the prototype of the pants to provide comfortable sportswear for athletes. Made to absorb sweat and provide optimal movement, the sweatpants featured a simple construction made of wool jersey, which would eventually transition to cotton. The soft and straightforward construction began as a practical but highly effective way to stray from the standard light-fitting trousers dominating fashion leading up to the introduction of sweatpants. After their invention, the silhouette was positively associated with sports, even appearing at the Olympics. By the time the ‘60s/’70s rolled around, the sweatpants’ identity began shifting from strictly being for athleisurewear to everyday comfort, as the respectability and appropriateness sense of fashion and rule of dressing began to break down. In 1976, Sylvester Stallone sported a pair of sweatpants while running up on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps in the hit movie Rocky. Years later, the emerging hip-hop culture made this then-athletic apparel now the foundation of their wardrobe. As social media was born, the heightened athleisure movement brought in an entirely new era of sweatpants, including more fitted versions that offered technical performance characters to a range of updated styles that provided a more refined look.

Since its early beginnings, casually wearing sweatpants has been the most popular way to wear this apparel item. The effortlessly versatile silhouette can be easily paired to fit any outfit for any occasion. A variety of brands from FEATURE include sweatpants on their lineup, stemming from casual to premium aesthetics. With our FEATURE Sunfade Goya Hoodie + Phife Sweatpants, the design contain specialty cotton, allowing for a high-quality aesthetic that elevates themselves from traditional everyday apparel. At the same time, the sweatpants have also gone through a unique Sunfade treatment for an authentic vintage look. The versatility of the sweatpants is vast, which means you can pair the pants with your favorite tee and sneaker, as well as a cardigan for the cooler months.


An additional option for an essential pair of sweatpants is from Advisory Board Crystals. The elevated sweatpants blend French terry and polyester, allowing for a smooth and comfortable experience. The design features a woven ABC tag at the seams, while the elastic cuffs and drawcord waistband provide an adjustable experience. With the John Elliott LA Sweatpants, upgrade any outfit with its refined silhouette. Pairing the pants with a button-down and jacket makes the pants the perfect addition to any night-out look. The Stone Island Fleece Pants 64520 features a high-quality cotton blend within its premium finishings for a more technical and premium approach. The brushback fleece constructs the base while seamless trimming and elastic cuffs. Made for a slim fit, the design itself has a stake in the world of high-end fashion. Other notable brands that include premium and elevated sweatpant silhouettes include Balmain and Helmut Lang.


Since its inception, the simple pair of sweatpants has transformed into a staple in any type of wardrobe. Its versatile aesthetic is thanks to its simplistic design that can be intertwined with premium and elevated touches to fit any fashion style. To explore our selection of sweatpants, click here.

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