ICECREAM Spring 2021: 80s Inspired Designs Available Now

ICECREAM Spring 2021: 80s Inspired Designs Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Streetwear label Icecream continuously works towards expanding its collections of inspired and exclusive designs. The 2021 Spring Collection is the latest delivery, inspired by the eccentric fashion of pop artists from the 1960s through the 1980s. This reflection of style is seen with bold patterns, bright colors, and a play on vintage designs with a modern twist. Icecream utilizes stylings from Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones to really showcase the unique nature of musical artists within those eras. Outlandish designs are reimagined to fit the modern street style commonly seen. 

Comfort and functionality were of high importance within the collection as the fashion label wanted each piece to be desirable and easily worn with any outfit. Two of the pieces that implement this style are the Eye See Jacket and the Heat Jogger. The Eye See Jacket draws inspiration from 60s collegiate uniforms and utilizes premium quilted fabrication to showcase its design. Embroidered motifs resemble patches upon varsity jackets that athletes would receive. Typical varsity jackets contain a bulky style but the Eye See Jacket consists of a nylon construction that is flexible and comfortable during times of wear. In addition to the jacket, the Heat Joggers display the vibrant flower and cone motif commonly seen within the collection while reverting to Icecream’s original branding. A soft cotton blend provides a comfortable fit while adjustable drawstrings and an elastic waistband that can be tailored to your desired style. 

The collection also introduces fun and new graphics that revert to the original aesthetic of the brand. For example, the Shocked Longsleeve Knit combines traditional Japanese styles with vibrant colors. Taking on a monochromatic tone, the Liquify Sweater displays a black and white bold pattern that pays homage to the groovy and retro designs seen within the 70s. The wool fabrication provides a rich and plush experience during times of wear. Bold and stitched hemlines provide subtle details within the jacquard style sweater. 

Coinciding with the clothing, we see an array of accessories and lifestyle pieces that champion the iconic branding. The Dawg Polo Cap and Speck Knit Hat meet the bold colors seen within the collections as well as signature patches embroidered within its design. Interior decorum includes the Soft Serve Rug and Striped Bass Pillow. Both of the pieces highlight the traditional tomato-red colorway commonly seen within the fashion label. Make an interior design statement with these pieces and show-off signature Icecream memorabilia. 

The Spring 2021 Collection from ICECREAM is available now at our Chinatown location + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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