Introducing Bounty Hunter to the Feature Roster

Introducing Bounty Hunter to the Feature Roster

Marissa Villamor

Bounty Hunter is a Japanese brand that initially started as a toy company with a specific interest in Star Wars memorabilia in 1995 by Hikaru Iwanaga. The brand has since expanded from toys to tees, hoodies and other classic streetwear silhouettes. Referencing the character Boba Fett, the name Bounty Hunter was created. Bounty Hunter started to gain traction and popularity in the Harajuku District of Tokyo where its original flagship still stands. The brand has been labeled as one of the greatest Japanese brands of all time and is now available at Feature.

The brand portrays a simple yet sinister and dark appearance inspired by comic art and toys with punk and street style. Bounty Hunter pulls aspects of American culture and fuses it with Iwanaga's unique perspective to create unique pieces. The brand is described as a high-end Japanese streetwear brand and showcases American punk rock and motorcycle culture. 

The clothes bring in the same attitude as the toys - “what happens when children go punk?”

Bounty Hunter is known for its heavy use of the color black and its graphics, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. The latest collection features a variety of short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies and headwear. The pieces feature classic Bounty Hunter graphics with skull motifs and feature a mix of red, black and navy colorways.

Bounty Hunter has maintained the same level of popularity in Japan and international since its first launch into clothing. Bounty Hunter is a full-fledged stand-alone brand and has also gained notable popularity since its inception and has participated in many collaborations from Cav Empt, Kaws and Bape. With very limited distribution, Feature is proud to be one of the few stockists outside of Japan.

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