Introducing House of Givenchy to our Brand Roster

Introducing House of Givenchy to our Brand Roster

Chelsie Rendon

Hubert de Givenchy began his fashion training at a young age. With no specific direction, he worked with many affluent Fashion Houses during the time in hopes to gain knowledge and build his education. Born in Beauvais, France, Hubert was surrounded by top designers and productions and knew that he could be just as successful someday and that day would come in 1952 when he opened his namesake to the public in Paris. Upon launching his fashion house, he presented a collection of women’s clothing that diverged from typical standards. At the time it was common to find constricting designs with bold florals or patterns, but Givenchy offered more elegance to his designs with the introduction of blouses and skirts that combine architectural lines with simplicity. His name grew in ranks alongside Cristobal Balenciaga and together they redefined clothing, but what made Givenchy stand out of the crowd was the introduction of the first-ever high fashion ready-to-wear line. ‘Givenchy Université’ was the first luxury line of clothing that embodied standard-fit and everyday wear concepts. The fashion house would then diverge into other sub-labels including Givenchy Gentleman, jewelry, bags, shoes, and beauty. 

Hubert’s distinct style was created over time but what drove him was his different muses; the most notable being, Audrey Hepburn. When he styled Hepburn his craftsmanship would be tested and his attention to detail would be at its peak; eventually redefining elegance as a whole and setting future trends. He would then coin the term, ‘little black dress’ as his legendary designs within Breakfast At Tiffany’s changed the idea of womenswear and sophistication. Givenchy would follow this inspiration and have varied muses over time. Some of the names include Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Beyonce. Pushing the boundaries in every category, Hubert de Givenchy would retire as Creative Director after 43 years with his company and pass the torch to many prolific designers such as Alexander McQueen, Ricardo Tisci, and currently Matthew Williams of 1017 ALYX 9SM.

In 2020, Matthew M. Williams was appointed Creative Director of both women’s and men’s wear of Givenchy. The American designer initially got his start in fashion by creating stage costumes. With no formal training, he believed this was a great start to learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry. His premonition would lead him into great opportunities and in 2007, he was approached by Kanye West’s stylist to create a jacket for his Grammy performance with Daft Punk. The futuristic and modern design of the garment would showcase William’s potential and West would take him under his wing; utilizing his talents in other projects. Eventually, William’s would join forces with Justin Saunders, Heron Preston, and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh and introduce the iconic fashion collection, Been Trill. His love for apparel and accessories would only grow and in 2015 he would debut his contemporary jewelry label 1017 ALYX 9SM. Named after his daughter, the brand has become prevalent within the streetwear and high-fashion industry; shining a light on Matthew William’s artistic outlook and making him the perfect match for the next Creative Director of Givenchy. 

Alongside the most recent appointment of Mattew Williams, Givenchy has also delivered its latest ready-to-wear collection and lifestyle accessories. Taking a vibrant approach, the color red makes its way upon many designs as seen in the  Reaper Printed Crewneck Sweater. Utilizing high-quality cotton, the garment is designed with bold imagery that offers a contrasting style. Signature branding is printed upon the back while intricate ribbed stitching is seen at each trim. This design is also translated over into the Reaper Oversized T-Shirt. The same colors and designs are given a more casual touch with an oversized finish. For a more sophisticated aesthetic, Givenchy includes the Reverse Shirt in Poplin in the delivery. The lightweight and breathable style of the button-up can be transitioned into any outfit or be paired with Givenchy’s wide range of bags and accessories. The 6CC Card Holder and Antigona Lock Soft Large Bag are constructed with premium textiles and finished with classic motifs for a Parisian touch.

Explore Givenchy’s latest apparel and accessories at our Chinatown location or through invoice orders online. Shop the latest arrivals, here

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