Introducing Luke Vicious | SS21 'Slow Doom' Available Now

Introducing Luke Vicious | SS21 'Slow Doom' Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Luke Esquibel is an artist and designer who was able to develop an outlet that encompasses his brain and realistic outlooks on life. With a background in graphic design, Esquibel took the lead and developed the idea of Luke Vicious in 2015. In conjunction with fashion outlet Hypebeast, he was able to put forth his first collection titled, ‘False Idols.’ The collections he produces utilize his own artwork and upcycled vintage wear. He particularly uses these designs in hopes that each piece will stand out and spark a conversation. After receiving positive feedback and developing a loyal following, his passion project became his life and led to his experimental label.

Luke Vicious has a wide portfolio of silhouettes within apparel and accessories. Each piece is handcrafted and designed by Luke himself, offering authenticity and originality within the designs. The minimalist styles of the accessories actually champion a bold and grunge aesthetic. Many chunky necklaces or striking motifs decorate the chains and earrings. This helped the label gain popularity as this style began to trend among the younger generations. Along with the accessories, we find classic silhouettes that can be implemented into any ready-to-wear outfit. A common theme of washed and worn-in finishes is seen in all of their collections. Esquibel makes it clear that he isn’t a fashion designer but instead an artist. His use of clothes and upcycling garments are a way he showcases his talents to the world. 

After a trying year, Luke Esquibel put his talents and soul into his latest collection that explains his true feelings of 2020. ‘Slow Doom’ contains a variety of graphics that all reference his dark and dystopian outlook of the world. The collection came together during the lockdown while he was stuck at home and essentially ‘watching the world spiral.’ The Mind Control and Wargasm Tee showcases dark graphics upon a cotton-based tee. A boxy and oversized fit is commonly seen within Luke Viscious’s repertoire providing that vintage aesthetic. All of the pieces are also treated with a triple enzyme wash providing the softest complexion possible. Luke Vicious has a very distinct vibe which contributes to his successful namesake. 

Exclusively for FEATURE, the fashion label provides one of his limited designs that pay homage to the eccentric basketball player Dennis Rodman. Rodman is commonly known for his loud and untraditional fashion sense that really put him on the mark in other communities besides basketball. To commemorate his lively personality and fashion, Luke Vicious introduces the Rodman Tee. The graphic utilizes a bright color with a monochromatic finish. An inside-out design and boxy fit are utilized for the ultimate oversized statement piece. 

Along with the graphics, the collection introduces accessories to match its theme. The New Vicious Dagger Earring sports a skull and sword design that was intricately developed by Esquibel himself. Constructed with premium sterling silver, the earring will only contain one side to fulfill the singular trend within fashion. Chunky short chains and longer necklaces with pendants find their way within the collection making it the perfect addition to any outfit. Many of the accessories are handcrafted and cut by Luke himself, as he wants each piece to truly encapsulate his vision and artistic capabilities. 

‘Slow Doom’ 2021 by Luke Vicious is available now at our Chinatown location + online. Click here to get a closer look at the exclusive designs. 

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