Introducing Neighborhood to the Feature Roster

Introducing Neighborhood to the Feature Roster

Marissa Villamor

Introducing Neighborhood to the Feature roster. 

Founded by Shinsuke Takizawa in 1994, Neighborhood is a Japanese streetwear brand with the mission to “Craft with Pride.” Neighborhood draws its inspiration from motorcycle apparel while combining punk culture and military-inspired workwear. Neighborhood is fueled by authentic Japanese culture mixed with a modern contemporary finish. Since its launch, Neighborhood has transformed the fashion industry and has become one of the leading brands in modern contemporary streetwear. 

Takizawa was influenced at an early age by London’s punk rock subculture when he was an exchange student in the early 1980s. After returning to Japan, Takizawa joined “Major Force,” a hip-hop record label found in Japan. After 8 years of being in the record label industry and holding the lead role as a director, he resigned to launch his own streetwear brand, Neighborhood, that draws inspiration from all his past experiences from London to working in the hip hop industry. 

Being one of the most influential Japanese brands to date, we are proud to present you with Neighborhood’s spring/summer delivery ranging from ready to wear, graphics and accessories. 

The men's apparel collection consists of the Neighborhood Brooks jacket, which is a black button-up jacket with an NBDH logo on the chest; a heavy hooded sweatshirt in beige and charcoal with a “Neighborhood” graphic font and an open cut collar; a long sleeve t-shirt in black and grey with a small neighborhood branding on the chest; Tiger pants in a green and brown colorway that have tiger stripe pattern; a radio vest in olive; a script pullover in black and grey with white NBHD font on the chest; a jean jacket in an indigo colorway; and a bomber jacket in black with NBHD branding on the chest in white. 

The kid's apparel consists of fewer pieces but in brighter colorways and a more playful feel. The collection consists of a tight hoodie sweatshirt in blue with red graphic font on the chest; a tight sweatshirt in yellow with the saying “Neighborhood. The filth and the fury (squad). Tokyo est. 1994, Craft with Pride, in black; and a t-shirt in both black and grey with Neighborhood branding on the chest. 

For the accessories, a Neighborhood incense chamber is available in both chrome and white. The incense chamber is a hand with the middle finger symbol and “Have A Nice” written on the hand. Classic men's underwear and socks are also available in a pack.

Neighborhood has drawn attention from different brands and can be seen in collaborations with top brands like Converse and WTAPS to small skate brands like Babylon. To shop the latest Neighborhood apparel, click here.

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