Introducing the PLEASURES F21 Collection

Introducing the PLEASURES F21 Collection

Haven Neiman


Fall 2021

Before Alex James became the co-founder of Los Angeles-based streetwear brand PLEASURES in 2005, he sold vintage clothing on eBay. Throughout his adolescence, the future founder was drawn to fashion, even resorting to taking a 40-minute train ride from New Jersey to New York City to explore that passion. After graduating from his eBay endeavor, Alex moved forward in his fashion career, ultimately becoming the brand director at Thorocraft and Publish Brand. The fashion innovator would shortly become the founder and creator of PLEASURES, establishing himself as a trailblazer for future street culture brands.

PLEASURES embodies an intense punk, grunge, and rock-n-roll ethos, with their definition of the brand name being ‘A mood. An emotion. An altered state of being.’ According to Alex James, PLEASURES is whatever you want it to be; happy, dark, or anything in between. PLEASURES is a globalized movement that is heavily graphics-based, with collection items ranging from long-sleeve t-shirts and hoodies to beanies. The pieces represent the 90s subculture into clothing that evokes feelings of nostalgia. Since its origin, PLEASURES has been worn by countless celebrities, including Playboi Carti, Kylie Jenner, and The Weeknd. Partnerships have been established with high-profile brands such as Reebok, Doc Marten, Crocs, and most notably, Adidas. PLEASURES continues to create items that challenge typical everyday wear.

The recent Fall 2021 collection comprises in-your-face graphics that evoke imagery of self-happiness. The grunge and street culture aurora of each design represents explorative concepts. Anti-mindful motifs, as well as Anime, are sprinkled throughout each piece. In addition, youth culture and acts of rebellion are displayed within the graphics. The Ignition Plaid Shirt features modern and vintage 90s nostalgia with its all-over plaid print. With an extensive back embroidered graphic, the silhouette includes two front chest pockets for optimal function. The button-down closure provides this grunge-like collection item with a complete and sleek finish.

The PLEASURES Old E Heavyweight L/S Shirt features printed branding along both sleeves, highlighting the silhouette’s bold statement. The ribbed collar and cuffs provide a clear finish to the long sleeve t-shirt. In addition to clothing, the recent collection also features beanies that are the perfect way to complete any outfit and transition to cooler weather. The PLEASURES Film Beanie features a tribute to the iconic Cannes Film Festival, with ‘un film de pleasures’ embroidered at the face, encompassing the silhouette. Constructed of complete acrylic, the design allows for optimal comfort while upgrading the everyday beanie.


PLEASURES is available now at all retail locations + online. To explore the collection, click here.

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