Introducing the D.F.A and Pierce Graphic Tee

Introducing the D.F.A and Pierce Graphic Tee

Chelsie Rendon


Feature Graphics

Meet the D.F.A and Pierce Graphic, t-shirts that are introduced in multiple colors and highlight very distinct imagery that contrast one another. No matter which style you pick, both designs can be easily incorporated into every routine. Made with our classic and premium constructions, our latest additions are must-haves for the summer. 


Since our inception, we’re determined to follow our All Things Good mantra and highlight notable names within the art, music, and fashion industry. Our D.F.A Tee follows this ethos and highlights an icon within music history, Liberace. Born in Wisconsin, Liberace was a child prodigy as he showcased incredible piano playing skills. This would lead him to a successful career spanning four decades as he also ventured into acting and singing. From concerts to motion pictures, Liberace redefined not only music but fashion as he is also well-known for his eccentric and bold lifestyle. Because of his impact, we wanted to pay homage to the legend with the D.F.A Tee. Made with cotton, the printed graphics fall flush at the chest while the saying ‘High Flying, Death Defying’ is printed on the back in remembrance of his legacy. Available in neutral tones such as Astral Aura and Tree House.


'High Flying, Death Defying'


Alongside the D.F.A, the Pierce Graphic Tee also makes its debut as it primarily focuses on a new version of our signature FEATURE branding. Its cotton complexion highlights simplistic imagery at the chest that is inspired by well-known mischievous characters. Contrasting traditional styles, this graphic utilizes premium puff paint for a textural experience that stands out. This overlay is prevalent on all of our Pierce Tees except the Cannoli Cream colorway- this specific color features a traditional screen-print application for a smooth approach. Colorful palettes including Huckleberry, Frosty Green, and Little Boy Blue champion the design, offering a bold option compared to traditional neutrals. Each tee is made for a standard fit and features intricate and comfortable rib-knit stitching at the neck, a medium weight fit, and seamless trim throughout for a more tailored look. 

Switch up your current outfit routines with our latest additions to our graphic collection. Our FEATURE D.F.A + Pierce graphics are available now at all retail locations + online. To shop our latest graphics, click here.

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