Modern Elegance by Lanvin SS21 Available Now

Modern Elegance by Lanvin SS21 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Lanvin has become one of the longest-running fashion houses globally and maintains to keep adapting with the future, allowing them to provide modern taste designs. Beginning its journey in 1889, Jeanne Janvin Miller began the label as a small hat shop which over time transformed into the French fashion label we know today. The designs are particular as they utilize throwback styles and modernize them without losing the elegance and sophistication that comes with them. Since its inception, the brand has surpassed a century and continues to produce breathtaking and contemporary garments for every closet. 

Within the latest collection, creative designer Bruno Sialelli re-discovers the brand’s roots and what truly made Lanvin the brand it is today. The Paris SS 2021 Collection is inspired by the 1920s, which is the year the label truly blossomed and saw the overall success of Lanvin. With this in mind, the collection fine-tunes the essentials by providing a vintage finish. The fashion label also collaborated with the estate that holds illustrator Erté’s work therefore, some pieces include unmistakable artwork from the late artist. These bold prints can be seen among the apparel and accessories, providing an all-around statement. Sialelli’s designs reimagine French elegance with the new generation, making every delivery applicable to the 21st century. 

The Patchwork Long Sleeve and Polo are prime examples of Lanvin’s sophistication partnered with modern eccentric aesthetics. Both of the designs are met with asymmetrical patterns with varying lengths; this is a play on modern fashion as sizing has evolved over time. The Polo sees cotton knit construction while the Long Sleeve introduces cotton weave, the fabrications are handled with utmost care as they are imported from varying countries due to their particular craftsmanship. Lanvin also introduces more minimal pieces that can be matched with any outfit. The Embroidered Oversized Tee can be utilized in multiple scenarios. The shirt can be matched with the Straight Fluid Pants as both designs showcase monochromatic styles. Most of Lanvin’s designs see intricate embroidery or stitched branding, making each piece particularly crafted and authentic. 

Coinciding with the apparel we are also introduced to eccentric colorways and models within the sneaker collection. The signature Clay Model is given a more classic styling with muted colorways whereas the Curb and Skate Sneakers are exaggerated designs making a statement. All of Lanvin’s sneakers are compromised with premium materials including calfskin leather and suede. 

The Spring 2021 Collection from Lanvin is available now at our Calabasas and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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