New Be@rbricks by Medicom Toy Company!

New Be@rbricks by Medicom Toy Company!

Ernie Salvatera

Founded in 1996, the Medicom Toy company has produced quality, collectible figurines that steal the attention of many. Popularized for their anthropomorphic Bearbrick (also written 'Be@rbrick') figures, the designs often come in different iterations and materials. Their following ranges from casual figurine collectors, all the way to high-profile celebrities such as Ben Baller and Justin Bieber. 

No stranger to collaborating with a myriad of artists and creatives, the brand has worked with the likes of Bape, Swarovski, and KAWS to name a few.  Disregarding the fact that Be@rbricks are not conventionally for children, there are a handful of children’s shows worked into the figurines. Mickey Mouse, Ninja Turtles, and Care Bears figures can help ignite your inner-child. Tom and Jerry, Minions, and Nike SB are also a handful of eclectic designs and collaborations that you can add to your collection. 

Sizes in this release range from the 100% model, which stands at a portable 2.75” inches (7 cm) high; with other sizes ranging from 400%, all the way to the gargantuan 1000% model which stands at a towering 27.55” inches (70 cm) tall. 

With a range of Be@rbrick designs and sizes for this wave, there are also 2-packs this time around. There are the 100% and 400% 2-pack collections like The Shining Poster Version which brandishes the iconic movie’s namesake logo, all the way to the abstract--vibrant designs like the Jean Michel Basquiat #5 & Toy Keith Haring #5 in 100% and 400%. There's a Be@rbrick for everyone.

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