New Arrivals from Hockey | Q4 Available Now

New Arrivals from Hockey | Q4 Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

A sister company of the brand Fucking Awesome, Hockey was created by skateboard legend Jason Dill. Hockey digs into the mind of Dill, correlating his sports life to the deep and darker thoughts that run through his mind. The skater life takes on a different attitude: brasher and upfront, something that Dill feels passionately about. The brand is conceptualized by the riders themselves. He takes inspiration from the signed athletes to help develop designs and stay true to the skate culture. Dill’s art takes many shapes and forms; he infuses modern skate life with his upbringing. He constantly references his life and how different everything changes, at some points things are going great, and then it could crumble into pieces. Hockey is his creative outlet that showcases what truly goes on inside his brain. 

During the winter season, Hockey delivers a collection of new graphics along with beloved signature motifs. The images seen within the shirts take a dark/horror theme; but within the horror, dainty and flower designs are sprinkled in. The Disruption Tee offers a character with demon-like counterparts filling the “thoughts” within the person’s head. To contrast the wicked image, the Neighbor Hoodie supplies an idyllic graphic with flowers and a picket white fence with the main branding. Not typical within their aesthetic, but a good contrast against the harsh graphics. Hockey’s unapologetic vibe speaks true to Jason Dill’s lifestyle. 

Hockey is available now at our Chinatown and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. To shop for the latest delivery, click here.

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