New Eyewear by RetroSuperFuture

New Eyewear by RetroSuperFuture

Ernie Salvatera

Founded by Daniel Beckerman in 2007, RetroSuperFuture is one of the biggest names in fashionable, luxury eyewear. The eclectic brand produces their signature sunglasses exclusively in Italy-- the reason being high-quality materials and production are exactly to Beckerman’s taste and vision. This wave of sleek glasses will elevate and complete any look.

Using only the best materials and production, RetroSuperFuture’s wave of glasses has drawn the attention of a handful of creatives and celebrities. The likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, and Kid Cudi have all sported the spectacular spectacles. Even the likes of A-Cold-Wall and Bape have linked up with the brand to put out collaborative pieces.

Jumping into some of the notable styles in this drop, RetroSuperFuture has a palette of frame sizes and tints to suit any aesthetic. The Giusto frames are a proper way to add an accent of tone to your fit. If you’re feeling a little daring, the Alto frames provide a wider frame that’s sure to give you a superstar look with a stylish flare. For a bolder look, the Issimo frames in black are almost reminiscent of the cool guy in any action movie. And with a broader range of colors, the sleek Drew frame goes for a smaller, rounded frame that’ll radiate the right amount of mystery and functionality.

RetroSuperFuture’s new collection of eyewear is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop, click here.

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