New FEATURE Jersey Braque Pocket Tee Colors

New FEATURE Jersey Braque Pocket Tee Colors

Haven Neiman

The initial goal of ready-to-wear apparel was to implement apparel within anyone’s wardrobe that remained minimal without specific techniques and fabric. Ready-to-wear apparel became essential for everybody’s wardrobe over time. With that, our exclusive FEATURE Ready-to-Wear Collection made its initial debut in 2015. This high-quality range of everyday apparel intertwined concepts of minimal yet elevated aesthetics. Initially beginning with a brief selection of tees, the line has since grown into simple yet elevated basics like hoodies, jeans, shorts, and more, all while taking into account its extreme attention to detail and quality. In 2018, our exclusive FEATURE Jersey Braque Pocket Tee, otherwise known as the Braque Tee, was added to our ready-to-wear lineup.

Featured in an array of colors, this unique everyday tee adds even more to its color collection: Navy, Light Olive, Maroon, and Charcoal. The FEATURE Jersey Braque Pocket Tee is inspired and named after the Cubism artist Georges Braque. His ideology and namesake have transitioned into this unique silhouette, as it aligns and adheres with his artistic style. Individually cut/dyed and made for a boxy and oversized fit, the top can be laid flat into the shape of a 2D square. The off-centered cube-inspired ‘Wabi-Sabi’ breast pocket also receives a boxy application. The tee is soft and comfortable due to its complete domestic single-cotton yarn construction. Meanwhile, the loose self-fabric neckline and reinforced side slit add additional detail to the tee. A double–layered back yoke adds a heavier and higher quality feel, while the reinforced side slit completes the look.

Our latest FEATURE Jersey Braque Pocket Tee colorways are available now at all retail locations + online.

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