New FEATURE Kelven II Tee Colors

New FEATURE Kelven II Tee Colors

Haven Neiman

What is ready-to-wear apparel? Ready-to-wear apparel can be defined as minimal apparel that can be implemented into any style or wardrobe. Ready-to-wear apparel was first introduced to the world around the 1800s, and its main intention was to remain minimal without any specific techniques and fabrication. Since its early beginnings, ready-to-wear apparel has progressed immensely, presenting as a pair of sweatpants, tees, shorts, and more.

With that, FEATURE’s exclusive ready-to-wear apparel line offers premium high-quality everyday apparel that emphasizes minimal and elevated aesthetics. Whether worn on their own or layered with a jacket or cardigan, these standout ready-to-wear tees include the exclusive FEATURE Braque Tee, Haring Tee, Koren Reversible Tee, and Kelven II Tee. The Kelven II Tee arrives in its latest colorways: Cabernet, Spellbound, Posy Green, and Oatmeal. The Kelven II Tee is a premium everyday tee that offers a regular-length body and shape, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Constructed from complete Pima cotton, the silhouette provides a breathable and comfortable fit. The serrated ribbed neckline adds further detailing and dimension to the overall design. The triple needle stitched hem also contributes to that notion, finishing the rest of the silhouette.

The latest colorways of our exclusive ready-to-wear FEATURE Kelven II Tee are available now at all retail locations + online. Click here for a closer look.

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