Casablanca “Idéalisme” AW20

Casablanca “Idéalisme” AW20

Marissa Villamor

Founded in 2018 by French-Moroccan designer Charf Tajer, Casablanca is known for its effortlessly romantic attitude fueled by Casablanca, Morocco, in the ‘90s. Based out of Paris but manufactured in Casablanca, the label is known for its flamboyant aesthetic using bold patterns and bright colors. Effortlessly mixing comfort and elegance into once, Casablanca is dedicated to Tajer’s parents’ meeting place. The story goes that they fell in love at an atelier in Casablanca’s fashion district, a souvenir of a true love story. 

Tajer was passionate about creating a menswear label dedicated to his parents’ story and showcasing his love for traveling. The menswear collective is inspired by tropical travels and the characteristics of well-season hotels. With the idea that everyone can wear the line at any point of the day, the brand focuses on providing comfortable apparel that reimages the timeless sports aesthetic. 

Casablanca is known for its bold use of all-over prints and Neapolitan tailoring techniques, which is showcased throughout their latest Fall delivery. Casablanca’s AW20 collection “Idéalisme,” focuses on French-Moroccan history while exploring a visual conversation. 

The collection utilizes a mix of fabrics from smooth silk to knits on a variety of button-ups, t-shirts and suits. The pieces include all-over Casablanca motifs that are inspired by Tajer’s home base in Morocco. Described as romantic and nostalgic, Casablanca offers pieces made for everyone at any point in the day. 

Stand out pieces in the collection include Casablanca’s monogram vintage wash jacket and denim pants, including light-wash blue denim with white all-over print. Other items include Casablanca’s printed silk shirt and a handful of staple ready-to-wear printed t-shirts. 

To shop Casablanca’s AW20 “Idéalisme” collection, click here.

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