Channeling Sophisticated Eyewear with Gentle Monster’s ‘VOID’

Channeling Sophisticated Eyewear with Gentle Monster’s ‘VOID’

Chelsie Rendon

Founded in 2011, designer and creator Hankook Kim set forth on an eyewear journey to fill a void for Asian consumers. Over time, the sunglass label called Gentle Monster would become popular worldwide, starting in South Korea and eventually making its way to North America. Kim created his brand realizing that the eyewear industry didn’t tailor to the needs of those in Asia, especially South Korea. Kim created oversized and dramatic glasses to fit his clientele’s aesthetic that are comfortable and stay put on the bridge of a nose. This new style of shades helped the brand skyrocket as it became ideal and loved by everyone in South Korea. 

One factor that is tributed to the popularity is South Korean celebrities wearing Gentle Monster eyeglasses. In South Korea, K-POP stars hold incredible influence; therefore, when actresses Jun Ji-Hyun wore a pair on the k-pop drama, ‘My Love From the Stars’ it helped broaden the brand’s market and became an extremely sought-after brand. As Gentle Monster’s popularity continued to grow, the next step was expanding overseas and entering Western society. The first flagship with the U.S. found residence within New York in SoHo. The small brick and mortar encompassed Gentle Monster’s brand by utilizing art installments and modern displays. Gentle Monster is now even more recognized than before, continuing to grow with the trends while staying true to itself. 

Gentle Monster has curated its latest collection titled ‘VOID,’ encompassing its brand’s unbound spirit. The campaign features a broad range of stylings with some familiar trends throughout. Some of the most recognizable styles include light and vibrant colored lenses mixed with clear colored frames. The shapes vary but somehow seem connected with a more rectangular effect. Some of the stand out pieces showcasing this trend include; the GHOST BLC1 model utilizing a clear base with neutral-toned lenses and bold metal fixings; the AGAIL BL1 silhouette showcases bold colored frames and lenses; finally, the KINGS L1 frame plays with colors and textures for a retro vibe.

But of course, the collection pays homage to its roots by reimagining oversized and bold. The SAL 01 is one of their latest models that reverts to the traditional silhouettes and colors of Gentle Monster’s beginning. The sunglasses are given dark lenses and deep dark frames, while the monochromatic frame is broken up with silver hardware fixings. Combining traditional and vibrant stylings, the DEUS BRC1 comes with a colored silhouette and a more neutral design.

Gentle Monster’s 'VOID' 2021 Campaign is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop for the latest collection online, click here.

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