FEATURE Graphic Round-Up: March Edition

FEATURE Graphic Round-Up: March Edition

Chelsie Rendon

As April draws near, we wanted to shine a light on the graphics and collaborations we’ve built during the month of March. Our private in-house label’s portfolio has continued to grow as we curate specific graphics for events and partner with other brands to showcase our joined efforts. With a wide range of options, we’ve developed a guide to help you style our latest designs and implement them into your fashion line-up.  


Our latest collaboration efforts include our capsule with Carrie Lynn’s Plants. Located in Downtown Summerlin of Las Vegas, the shop highlights eco-friendly products while encompassing a green thumb. Initially, the brand started out as a plant swap event, eventually turning into a solidified brick and mortar where they educate and sell products including plants and more. The store’s groovy aesthetic complements our sophisticated stylings as we have curated exclusive designs to celebrate the partnership. 

Within the collection, we introduced two t-shirt designs named, the Painting Tee and the All Things Groovy Tee. Both of the designs emulate our combined aesthetics as they highlight artistic and retro imagery. In addition to the imagery, we find text including our mantras and the saying, ‘Plant for the Planet’ as we wanted to highlight and bring attention to sustainable living. A wide range of colors champions these designs as they take on an earthy and neutral palette. Colors including Cannoli Cream and Basil truly embody the overall theme of Carrie Lynn’s Plants’ natural aesthetic while reverting to modern styling. All of the tees follow our premium construction which includes fine cotton and a 220 GSM stitch which is crafted in the USA. When utilizing this process, each shirt is given its signature medium-weight complexion and allows the vibrant hues to shine. 

In addition to the tees, the capsule also includes a set of sweatsuits that can be paired together or worn individually. The Plantship Hoodie and Sweatpants are an iconic pairing as they take on more of a fun and whimsical approach to fashion. Upon the sleeves and legs, leaves are intertwined with our branding for a subtle yet distinct design. The hoodies are seen with the collaborative branding along with flower motifs reminiscent of nature. Both the hoodie and pants are seen in the colorways Oil Green, a pastel-like deep green, and Monk’s Robe, a rich brown inspired by gardening. The complexion of both garments is designed with a heavyweight complexion in addition to its oversized fit for optimal comfort. Its luxe finish contains quality cotton and a 475 GSM stitch- attributes that contribute to its premium construction. The capsule can be easily implemented into everyday styles as its neutral designs and coloring can be matched to any outfit. 

We were incredibly excited to team up with Carrie Lynn’s Plants as they have created a solidified community within the valley. Their reputation is only growing and we find it important to highlight businesses that contribute to our DNA and our hometown of Las Vegas. To view the entire collection click here.


During the month of March, we dedicate a specific day to celebrate the upcoming spring season. To commemorate this day we released the Garden Tee in two colorways, White and Frosty Mint- a pastel color with combined hues of blue and green. Spring is synonymous with nature, thus we thought it was important to highlight those aspects. The graphic scene is set within a forest as grass pastures are detailed with mushrooms and rabbit characters. These characters are tending to colorful eggs reminiscent of the spring holiday known as Easter. To complete its imagery, our simplistic FEATURE branding is placed on the lower part in a cursive font which complements the overall aesthetic. The Garden Tee’s are also met with a premium complexion as it utilizes quality cotton and the signature 220 GSM stitch, contributing to its mid-weight design. 

Our model pairs the graphic with Ader Error’s Kerly Pants, as its khaki colorway complements the organic theme. Many options are available when styling the graphic, layers from Stone Island or Stussy can be added on top of the garment without taking away from the initial image Whereas a pair of Nike’s Sportswear Tech Fleece shorts can replace the pants for a more casual look depending on your desired style. To shop the Garden Tee click here.


We’ve developed a long-lasting relationship with New Era to curate multiple sets of headwear that utilizes the premium construction commonly seen within New Era’s portfolio. The Old English F Snapback is re-introduced in March with new colorways perfect for the warmer season. The recent release included a variety of colorways; a mixture of vibrant and pastel color schemes that take on our traditional branding and premium construction. Mango Mocha and Birdseye Blue make their debut as they reference spring palettes and nature’s bloom. 

Each hat utilizes New Era’s 59FIFTY fitted cap design for a structured and top-quality appearance. Cut with 100% wool, the hats are seen with an embroidered ‘F’ that contrasts the main shade. This embroidery correlates with the added pin detail that is placed close to the crown. The hat features many attributes including a flat bill, perforated holes, and stitched details. For a secure fit, a snapback closure is implemented upon the rear side which can be adjusted to your desired style. The Old English F hat is the ideal accessory as its simplistic details can be subtle or made as a statement piece. To shop our selection of hats click here.


With an extreme focus on footwear, we thought it would be important to put forth our latest sneaker accessory: the official FEATURE shoelaces make their debut to the public during the month of March. The laces are branded at the aglets with our signature FEATURE branding while a variety of colorways champion the premium polyester complexion. All of the laces can be bought in two variants of length and are knitted for a wider finish. Colors including Spectra Yellow, Neon Green, Flamingo, Lavender, and Royal provides a pop of color for any sneaker style. Interchange your current laces with our new styles as their premium construction can be applied to silhouettes such as Jordans, Adidas, Converse, and more. 

Grab a closer look at the featured graphics and accessories introduced within the month of March and show us how you wear FEATURE by tagging #MyFeature on Instagram and Twitter. To shop our FEATURE collections, click here.

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