Tis' The Season For All Things Good: FEATURE Christmas Capsule Available Now

Tis' The Season For All Things Good: FEATURE Christmas Capsule Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

Tis' the season for all things good - FEATURE presents the 2020 Christmas Capsule. Just in time for the holidays, we have compiled a collection of exclusive graphics to commemorate the festive season. The familiar designs pay homage to the late ’70s  figurine collector culture. 

Each piece in this collection is truly unique yet they all fall under the same theme. The nostalgic aesthetic of the collection is shown through its graphics. The angelic and doll-like characters are closely related to the popularized porcelain figurines made in the late ‘70s. Mainly found within households, these figurines drawback a memory that we didn’t know existed yet it’s comfortable and familiar. We took this concept and added a modern twist. Using an 8-bit overlay and implementing our branding, the graphics are striking and chic. Balancing vibrance and neutral tones, each item can be dressed up or down for all occasions. The throwback vibe created with this collection ties in well with the memories made during the holidays. 

The Cherub Sweater’s focal point is the 8-bit angelic character placed at the center of the chest. The graphic is a well-known icon with additions of a deconstructed and colorful design.  Sitting on top of a dark green base, the sweater is soft and comfortable for the colder seasons. The Trumpet long sleeve presents another version of the angelic graphic while showcasing FEATURE’s “All Things Good” mantra on the back. The chocolate brown colorway was popularized in the early 2000s. Sticking to the throwback feel the Trumpet long sleeve embodies this brown hue for the vintage aesthetic. To tie everything together, FEATURE’s Tis' The Season Tee brings the holiday season and our brand’s culture into one piece. This black base tee features a vibrant doll character holding presents. The backside combines a popular winter saying and Feature’s mantra for the perfect slogan. “Tis the season for all things good” is spread across the back in a red handwritten font similar to writing found on gift tags. 

FEATURE’s 2020 Christmas Capsule exuberates a sentimental feeling similar to the emotions experienced during the holiday season. Our FEATURE Christmas Capsule is available now at all retail locations + online. To shop online, click here.

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