Golden Goose SS21 Now Available

Golden Goose SS21 Now Available

Chelsie Rendon

Two Venitian artists combined forces to create a brand that was authentic and full of imperfections. The brand we know as Golden Goose has ignited a spark within the sneaker world. Not following the crisp and clean-cut feel, the silhouettes produced by the Italian brand focuses on authenticity and being a unique shoe. 

In 2007, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo designed a shoe that reflected the walks of life. They wanted to give their shoes meaning. Golden Goose continuously harps on the fact that life is not perfect so why make a perfect shoe? Each mark and imperfection equates to memories and moments throughout one’s life. They took this ideology and dedicated themselves to this craft. Each shoe is constructed manually and handmade through a Golden Goose “Sneaker Maker.” This position is in charge of giving the shoe a worn-in and vintage look. They pay close attention to each marking - making it unique compared to others. Focusing on premium quality, both Rinaldo and Gallo, want to make sure that each shoe can tell a story like a walking diary. 

To the unfamiliar eye, Golden Goose may not mean a lot but the craftsmanship and dedication behind that shoe are truly unmatched compared to others within the same industry. Golden Goose has flagships around the world from Venice to New York as well as Beijing and many more. The shoe brand is recognized worldwide for producing unforgettable sneakers. The “Superstar” is their most recognized silhouette,  a sneaker that’s authentic and full of experience. As the brand continuously releases new designs, the Spring/Summer collection is filled with bright colors, mixtures of textures, and a play on bold hues.

Golden Goose is available now at our Chinatown and Wynn Las Vegas locations + online. To shop Golden Goose’s SS21 collection online, click here.

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