FEATURE Graphic Round-Up: February Edition

FEATURE Graphic Round-Up: February Edition

Chelsie Rendon

Including ready-to-wear, graphics, headwear, and accessories, our in-house private label provides sophisticated and elevated styles that cater to anyone's personal aesthetic. Looking back at this past month, February was filled with a variety of new graphic designs within our ever-growing repertoire catering to specific holidays along with core drops. The inspiration between each drop varies as each graphic utilized a specific theme during creation. To get a better understanding of how you can style our graphics within your weekly fashion routine, we have crafted a guide of our latest designs with styling pairs.


During the month of February, we were able to celebrate Valentine's Day by introducing three new graphics which incorporated the holiday of love. The illustrations seen within each tee reverts to the theme of love but can be utilized all year round. Our Doves and Love Burns Tee utilize neutral colorways that can be easily integrated into casual going-out outfits or in the comfort of your home. A statement can be also made with our Crochet Tee as it utilizes the colorway, Huckleberry. This deep purple hue would be paired nicely with black denim or cargos - allowing the tee to stand out. Each piece utilizes a mid-weight composition providing a sturdy and durable finish emphasizing its longevity. 

In addition to Valentine's Day, we wanted to prepare for March by releasing a capsule inspired by St. Patrick's Day; the delivery included a crewneck and long sleeve following the holiday's theme. We wanted to commemorate the holiday within our clothing by utilizing familiar motifs, fonts, and colors that pay homage to the day of luck. Many celebrate the holiday by wearing green, so we thought it was important to highlight this and present our Clover Crewneck and Biome Long Sleeve with fresh color shades. In addition to the graphics, we introduced two new trucker hats utilizing our brand in a Celtic font reminiscent of Irish heritage. The neutral colorings of this collection provide an aesthetic that can be worn all year long. 


One of our first designs of the month, the Extract Tee, utilizes artwork that plays with varying dimensions. The illustration sees a retro aesthetic, that can be utilized in many ways which provide a throwback aesthetic to a modern outfit. With its dimensional theme, we styled our model with more premium touches to defy casual looks commonly used with graphic tees. Seen within our model, the use of the Extract Tee in the colorway White is paired with our FEATURE Montgomery Cargo Pants. Made in varying colorways, the Montgomery Cargo Pants in Green Peat Moss adds an organic element to the outfit. An easy pairing would either be sweatpants or jeans, but to bend the boundaries and take it one step further, we wanted to utilize trousers that have textured elements and modern stylings. The cargo pants deliver a high-fashion aesthetic with a modern finish. 

While graphics are typically paired with sneakers, we elevated the style with the addition of boots. The Clark’s Desert Galosh is an eccentric footwear selection that provides a sophisticated styling to any graphic. Brands including Clark's, Maison Mihara, and Veja provide elevated footwear that complements any outfit. To complete the outfit the use of a Comme des Garcons Play cardigan is layered on top of the graphic continuing that sophisticated styling. Cardigans are a great addition to add a softer aesthetic that doesn’t take away from the rest of the outfit. Many of the fashion labels we carry take notice of the cardigans diverse use in the industry. Thom Browne, John Elliott, Wacko Maria, and Ader Error have taken the cardigan and put their own aesthetic on the design. Each silhouette provides a unique twist on the cardigan that can be added on top of any garment.


When introducing our Glass graphic, we wanted to expand our techniques and utilize accents never before seen within our repertoire. Making its debut within our portfolio, we implemented a glittering application that would accent the bold text. This glitter layover can be seen within the shattered glass outline, an element that amplifies its overall aesthetic.

In the colorway Honeysuckle, the hoodie champions the Glass illustration. The contrasting black and blue hues pair nicely with the bright pink base. A heavy-weight finish, kangaroo pocket, and oversized hood enhance its leisurely composure. 

During the styling of Glass, we wanted to make sure the trouser didn’t take away from the initial introduction of the Honeysuckle colorway. We utilized John Elliott’s Back Sateen Cargo Pants within our styling. John Elliott’s premium construction is luxurious but doesn’t take away from the main piece as he creates ready-to-wear pieces that can be partnered with other pieces. The military green palette provides a smooth transition between the colors that aren’t forced and too eclectic. 

Along with Glass, we also introduced our Cloud graphic within this capsule. Cloud takes on a more psychedelic feel with its vibrant color mixtures and groovy artistry. Our signature FEATURE branding and All Things Good mantra are embodied within the front and the back. Fun motifs including stars and a flower compliment the retro-inspired art. Glass and Cloud complement each other in contrasting ways as Glass is more structured and Cloud highlights a more whimsical approach to artistry.   


The Lucid graphic is modeled within the Blue Granite colorway which utilizes a muted color that can be easily layered or championed as a statement piece. Our signature FEATURE branding is printed across the chest and is finished with a flocked application; providing a graphic you can actually feel.

Its premium craftsmanship is highlighted within its heavyweight construction and textured applique that was developed within the USA. To complement the neutral tones, we added a layering component without taking away the artwork initially seen within the hoodie. The colors of the deep green complement the muted blue palette making both stand-out. 

Included in the outfit, we see the 6 Panel Lucid Hat which contributes to the casual aesthetic. Made with an unstructured design, the accessory is given a snap-back closure and a flat peak for a street-ready design. The embroidery and stitched details add premium subtleties to the accessory making it applicable to any outfit while perforated holes can be seen upon the crown providing breathability during times of wear. In addition to the hat, another accessory that can be easily implemented is sunglasses. Elevate a look with a pair of bold and sophisticated styled glasses. Brands including RetroSuperFuture and Gentle Monster produce quality eyewear applicable for any style and outfit. 

Grab a closer look at the featured graphics introduced within the month of February and show us how you wear FEATURE by tagging #MyFeature on Instagram and Twitter. To shop our collections, click here.

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