FEATURE Kids New Arrivals

FEATURE Kids New Arrivals

Haven Neiman


Available Exclusively at FEATURE

The next addition to the FEATURE graphics lineup is FEATURE Kids. This exclusive apparel capsule takes on a youth-inspired twist to the traditional graphic apparel by embracing the creativity of all things kids. Featuring bold and playful graphics, our exclusive Rocket, Jumbled, and Overlap Tees are the perfect tees to incorporate into your little one’s wardrobe. 


Fit for everyday wear, the FEATURE Kid’s Jumbled Tee features a comfortable cotton-cut construction that allows for optimal comfort without sacrificing mobility. Including a ribbed collar, the exclusive and upgraded silhouette incorporates a detailed screen-printed FEATURE academy logo that takes place at the center of the chest. This eye-catching tee’s main spotlight is the screen-printed ‘All Things Good’ FEATURE mantra at the rear that is placed in a jumbled-like manner, allowing for an authentic touch.


The exclusive FEATURE Kid’s Rocket Tee upgrades the traditional graphic tee with its bold aesthetic. Made for a standard fit, the tee incorporates a cotton-cut material as well as a classic ribbed collar. The design is both comfortable and sleek in its aesthetic. The upgraded tee's main highlights are the bold and playful FEATURE graphics spotlighted at the silhouette’s chest and are placed in a cartoon font-like manner, and include a spaceship and a rainbow incorporated within the logo. As for the FEATURE Kid’s Overlap Tee, authentic ‘90s aesthetics are proudly displayed in this unique tee. This unique and elevated tee is made for kids and incorporates a screen-printed FEATURE logo placed in a rainbow hue at the chest. Both comfortable and sleek in its aesthetic, the tee is made for a standard fit. The detailed ribbed collar placed at the neckline provides an authentic and complete look.


Upgrade your little ones’ wardrobe with our exclusive FEATURE Kids Capsule—available now in-store + online. Take a closer look at the graphic tees here.

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