Introducing GL SCRAPS - Greg Lauren FW20 Available Now

Introducing GL SCRAPS - Greg Lauren FW20 Available Now

Marissa Villamor

Founded in 2011, Greg Lauren launched his namesake label on the idea of using unconventional techniques and a DIY aesthetic to create unique pieces that are all crafted by hand. Based in Los Angeles, the label uses vintage military-wear and upcycles a variety of recycled materials to rework for a unique distressing and deconstruction look. Greg Lauren was exposed at an early age to the fashion industry through his family and is the nephew of the iconic designer, Ralph Lauren. With this influence in his life, Greg Lauren quickly found his aesthetic and become recognized for his signature DIY-theme. Encompassing this DIY aesthetic, Greg Lauren produces ready-to-wear pieces that are said to be living somewhere between the past and the future with its modern twist on vintage apparel.

Greg Lauren pulls this brand ethos into every collection he produces and is no different from its Fall/Winter collection. For the brands FW20 delivery, Greg Lauren is launching his “GL SCRAPS” initiative which is the process of using old scraps from recycled materials into new apparel. All apparel made from this initiative has been previously made using waste from previously cut and sew garments from past collections. 

The GL SCRAPS initiative was started when Lauren realized he needed to use these scraps instead of having them in storage bins. 

“The US army shelter half or “army tent” has been a cornerstone of my collection since its inception in 2011. Since then, we have used in excess of 8000 tents. The scraps from the wastage, that would’ve otherwise been directed to landfill, were given to local quilters in Los Angeles to create yardage that we refer to as Greg Lauren SCRAPWORK. 1 bag of scraps (40 lbs) creates 13 yards of SCRAPWORK. Approximately 6 yards (18.48 lbs) of SCRAPWORK was used to make the suit below. Any wastage is recollected again for future use.”
- Greg Lauren on his GL SCRAPS Initiative 


Greg Lauren has always been known to upcycle material into his collections. For his Fall-Winter collection, he uses a military-inspired color palette with the use of army green and beige. He also incorporates his signature patchwork-like aesthetic that are used from his GL SCRAPS Initiative. Notable pieces in the collection include the Greg Lauren Washed Satin 50/50 Long Slim, Greg Lauren Stretch Denim Cargo and Greg Lauren Trucker Front Boxy Studio.

Greg Lauren’s Fall Winter 2020 collection is available now at our Calabasas and Wynn locations + online. To shop the latest delivery click here. 

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