Made with Love: Chinatown Market ‘Be Mine’ Capsule Available Now

Made with Love: Chinatown Market ‘Be Mine’ Capsule Available Now

Chelsie Rendon

With Valentine’s just around the corner, streetwear brand Chinatown Market has put forth their latest collection celebrating the season of love. The newest additions introduce graphics and designs combining the loud aesthetic with a reference to Valentine’s Day. The development of Chinatown Market has grown throughout time, creating a large cult following with their apparel and lifestyle products. Known for its DIY culture, creator Michael Cherman utilizes bold colors and whimsical patterns to add a funky element to its clothing. Since its inception in 2016, Chinatown Market has popularized their smiley face motif with their premium quality fashion that is easily obtainable by the general public. 

Titled, ‘Be Mine’ the latest collection from the brand putforths lifestyle products that have never been seen before, drawing reference to the season of love. Items include a Teddy Bear Side Bag that resembles the endless supply of stuffed animals seen within stores during the month of February. With an adjustable black strap, the head of the bear is used as a zippered pocket that can store all of your needs. This addition can be added to an every day outfit as a statement piece. The strap can also be removable therefore the bear can be displayed as a relic. Another stand out piece to highlight is the Smiley Love Fortune Telling Ball. The popularized magic 8 ball is given a modern design by changing its shape into a heart and adding the signature smiley face motif. The item could be the perfect interior decoration piece or utilized as a gift for your significant other (or yourself!). Other pieces seen within Chinatown Market’s collection include heart rugs and accessories. 

Along with the lifestyle products we also see an array of clothing that champion the new designs. The pieces of apparel speaks to those who are taken or single, making it applicable to all of those who are interested in the collection. A common graphic is seen throughout the garments which includes a boy and girl bear hugging one another which contributes to the loving theme. Collegiate branding makes its way through the graphics reverting to the original logo. A tie-dye pattern is commonly seen throughout, paying homage to the fashion label’s roots of bright and bold textures. The Be Mine Hoodie can be accompanied by its counterpart the Be Mine Sweatpants. Both pieces are decorated with chenille patchwork that’s intricately stitched contributing to its premium quality. Ripstop detailing can  be seen on the elastic waistband and cuffs. 

We are also introduced to the Ball Soul Mate Tee and the Never Be Alone Tee. The duo takes on a different side of Valentine’s referencing those who are celebrating self love during the day of love. Screen-printed retro illustrations find its way on the front and back of each shirt. All of the clothing pieces within this collection is made with high-quality cotton while its construction is from Los Angeles. To complete its design, intricate stitched hems build the pieces providing durability and smooth edges that delivers comfort during times of wear. 

Chinatown Market ‘Be Mine’ collection is available online now. To shop for the latest collection, click here.

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