Burn Rubber x New Balance 580 "White Collar" Now Available


In the last week of February, we released the Burn Rubber x New Balance 580 "Blue Collar" pack. The time has finally come for the addition of its other half. Here is the drop of the "White Collar" edition. We love how this duo looks, feels, and who its dedicated to. Enjoy the photos of the Burn Rubber x New Balance 580 "White Collar" pack. Burn Rubber and New Balance did an outstanding job with their WORKFORCE collection. For phone orders please call 702-463-3322. "Burn Rubber has decided to use the men and women of the Michigan WORKFORCE as inspiration for their next sneaker project with New Balance. During the first quarter of 2012 New Balance and Burn Rubber will be releasing the Burn Rubber WORKFORCE pack. This pack will consisting of two sneakers will pay homage to the Blue-Collar and White-Collar workers of Michigan. Inspiration: When living in the Metro Detroit area you come across a lot of people that work for the auto industry. These people are not just workers to us. These people represent our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends. A couple of years ago when the Auto industry went through its toughest time our family and friends were affected heavily by the down turn. People lost jobs, insurance, houses, and a way of life that they were used to. Needless to say this was a time for restructuring and new beginnings. After witnessing the resiliency of the community around us we decided to do this project to pay homage to them. This is our way of showing that we notice and appreciate what these men and women have done four our country." - via http://workforce.burnrubberdetroit.com

Burn Rubber x New Balance 580 "White Collar"

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