Fly Ass Pisces- Cocaine 80's ft. Jhene Aiko and Common


For those who are unaware of who Cocaine 80's is, they are a musical collective put together by producer No I.D. Composed of a group of singers, rappers, and various artists; Common, James Fauntelroy, and Kevin Randolph are some of the key players on this musically inclined roster. For the group's latest single "Fly Ass Pisces", they inherit Jhene Aiko's sultry vocals to add to an already potent single. In addition to that, I.D. composes a ultra laid back beat which also features a verse from G.O.O.D's very own Common. Hit play and enjoy this refreshing single! Be on the lookout for Cocaine 80's latest EP "The Flower of Life", for it is set to arrive soon.

-Dustin DeGuzman

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