WTF! Happened: Sir Mix A Lot


Anthony Ray, better known as Sir Mix A Lot, was a pioneer to the hip hop game and created one of the most iconic singles, "Baby Got Back". His most commercially successful album was Mack Daddy which included the Grammy Award winning single. His early years consisted of partnering up with his DJ, Nasty Nes and putting out their first single, "Posse on the Broadway" which sampled David Bowie's, "Fame" track. Where is Mr. Baby Got Back today? After a three year hiatus, Sir Mix a Lot signed under an independent record label, Artist Direct. Within his companionship with the label, he released a studio album entitled, Daddy's Home which did not reach that much commercial success. In 2010, rumors of a new album was in the works but did not happen. Although his days of fame were limited, "Baby Got Back" will forever be a theme song to all men around the world.

- Francis Santos

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