Elevated Sports Court in Spain


Spanish architect, Guzman De Yarza Blache, of the J1 Arquitectos was given the difficult task of maximizing the 33 x 35 play space of a local children's school. Due to the large increase to the amount of children that the school hosts, something had to be done quickly and efficiently without disturbing daily studies and activities that take place daily. Guzman's solution to the problem was to take to the unconventional route- by creating a multi-use sports court that was elevated off the ground, which also allowed children to play underneath it in supplied shade. To restrain sports equipment from flying over the top, a double layered metal fence curves over the top of the court. Different species of ivy coat the outside of the court, to help prevent the court from being a bulging eyesore, and bright colors were used in different areas to help that cause. Browse the gallery to view this unique play place.

- Dustin DeGuzman

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