Brain Dead’s Psychedelic Summer ‘20 Collection Available Now

Brain Dead’s Psychedelic Summer ‘20 Collection Available Now

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Brain Dead, established in 2015 by cofounders Kyle Ng and Ed Davis, is a collaborative effort made up of different creators from all around the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Brain Dead has transformed into one of the most popular streetwear brands since it’s initial launch. The brand’s ethos is that Brain Dead is not one person, nor is it one idea; it sits in the space between people. 

Brain Dead takes inspiration from California’s underground subculture groups consisting of post-punk, underground comics, skateboarding and the underground subculture spirit in general. The streetwear label is known for its signature disruptive graphics featuring bold colors and vibrant tones. 

Brain Dead’s latest Summer ‘20 collection is no different and returns with a new line of psychedelic apparel for the Summer season. In this collection, we see the brand taking a much more trippy approach through a range of tees, hoodies and open-collar shirts. 

Throughout the Summer capsule, Brain Dead signature styled graphics take up a majority of the collection with tie-dye pattern prints and the utilization of puff-print fabrication techniques on some pieces. The collection also features a variety of artists from Kogan Cult, Aaron Jupon, Steve Smith and Jonny Negron, to name a few. Key pieces include the artist’s open-collar shirts with a bondage print short-sleeve Hawaiian print shirt, a 3D toy box short-sleeve Hawaiian print shirt and a mushroom short sleeve Hawaiian shirt. 

Brain Dead Summer ‘20 is available at all retail locations + online now. To shop click here.

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