Just Arrived: Puma Hairy Suede VTG

Just Arrived: Puma Hairy Suede VTG

Haven Neiman

Puma Hairy Suede VTG

Just Arrived

German-based sportswear and sneaker lifestyle brand Puma was created by Rudolf Dassler. Dassler established the brand to represent the characteristics of a puma: speed, strength, agility, and endurance. Puma is primarily known for its iconic formstrip, which resembles a pouncing Puma that is seen throughout its wide variety of footwear offerings. The label has established itself as one of the world’s leaders in crafting elevated athleisure apparel and accessories that make a notable impression. Since its early beginnings, the brand has introduced iconic silhouettes such as the Puma Suede. The Puma Suede appropriately complements its wearer, allowing the individual to express themselves in the most authentic way possible.


The Puma legacy has gone through various twists and turns, and the over 50-year legacy of one specific sneaker can’t be skipped. The Puma Suede has become a classic since its establishment in 1968. What was initially named ‘Crack’, then developed into the ‘Clyde’, which then led to its final name, the ‘Suede.’ Before its establishment, the world had yet to adopt the concept of wearing sneakers for leisure, let alone pleasure. Sneakers were only built for athletics, but the world was changing. Puma’s first ‘lifestyle’ shoe, the Crack, was launched before the Olympics in Mexico. The intention was that athletes would wear the Crack with their Puma tracksuit (which was the first apparel that Puma had launched). Also suitable for basketball, the use of suede leather enabled the easier integration of color elements.

"Puma Hairy Suede VTG"

Flash forward to 1970, Puma had signed an endorsement agreement with Walt Clyde Frazier. He wanted a low style to play in and wanted to wear a new colorway in each game. His name was emblazoned across the shoe, hence creating the new name of the ‘Crack’: ‘Clyde.’ Only available in the United States until the end of the ‘70s. The sneaker was then renamed ‘Suede’ shortly after. Once the ‘80s came around, the Puma Suede quickly became a go-to among hip-hop communities. This collaboration became the final eminent in solidifying its status as a certified ‘street’ shoe. Shortly after the Puma Suede and hip-hop collided, the Suede also made an impression on another subculture: skateboarding. While skateboarding was growing in popularity in the late ‘80s, there was a strong demand for a durable, versatile, and comfortable skate shoe. The Puma Suede met its needs with its compliant upper, sturdy midsole, and unrestricted color palette.


Puma’s most iconic sneaker model has remained relatively unchanged over the years, although its signature Formstrip and colorways have been treated with various materials like leather, canvas, hemp, snakeskin, wool, denim, and more. The Puma Suede has helped jumpstart the casual sneaker trend that would forever change the course of footwear history. With that, Puma introduces the latest addition to the Suede repertoire. The Puma Hairy Suede VTG is introduced in Blue and White colorways. Featuring a textured ‘hairy’ suede upper, the low-top silhouette spotlights gold-printed branding at the side paired with an iconic Puma logo. The Puma Formstrip resides at the side panels, while a woven Puma label at the tongue offers additional detail. The signature crepe midsole paired with the rubber outsole ties together the look.


The Puma Hairy Suede VTG is available now at our Las Vegas retail locations + online. For a closer look at these new silhouettes, click here.

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