Medicom Toy 400% Bearbricks Available Now

Medicom Toy 400% Bearbricks Available Now

Drew McClendon


Medicom Toy returns once again with a wide variety of new Bearbricks in their 400% size ($140-$160). Having produced the popular bear-based toys since 2000, Medicom has now released thousands of Bearbricks with ties to everything from art, movies, sports, and even to popular culture. With their newest releases seen here, we see figures inspired by not only Japanese series such as Sick's Speck Saga ($140) and Tokyo Tribe ($140), but from cult classics like Clockwork Orange ($16), The Shining ($160), and Phantom of the Paradise ($140), and even skateboarding legend Steve Caballero ($160) as well. Pick up your favorite online or in-store at either of our locations now. 

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