Undercover Delivery Available Now

Undercover Delivery Available Now

Alex To

Undercover https://feature.com/collections/undercover https://feature.com/collections/undercover

Undercover presents an apparel collection of spring and summer streetwear geared for the seasons with unique graphics and designs ($149-$1,040). Pieces from the collection include: long sleeves, jackets, tees, and more. The collection draws inspiration from space exploration and a new concept titled "NW" standing for New Warriors. All pieces are crafted with quality in Japan, an essential for fans of Japanese streetwear. A stand out piece from the collection features the "New Warriors Tee" ($149) a 100% cotton tee inspired by the 1979 iconic movie. The graphic utilizes Undercover's NW logo with a tasteful shadow graphic from the movie poster, and fills the back with memorable groups from the film. Pick up your favorite pieces from the collection now, available online and in store at our Feature Wynn Plaza location.

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