Discover the Whistler Coaches Jacket + O'Keefe Asymmetrical Pant

Discover the Whistler Coaches Jacket + O'Keefe Asymmetrical Pant

Eladio Correa


Discover the Whistler Coaches Jacket and O'Keefe Asymmetrical Pant. Both items are top choices among staff and clients, known for their lightweight, high-quality nylon construction. Available in three traditional colors, these pieces are versatile enough to complement any outfit, appealing to those with a keen eye for casual yet functional fashion. 



Whistler Coaches Jacket: Durable and designed for convenience, this jacket features a unique jacquard taping backpack system, allowing it to be carried on the back when not worn. It includes asymmetrical pockets—a welt pocket on one side and a flap pocket on the other. Customizable snap buttons enhance its functionality and style.



O'Keefe Asymmetrical Pant: Known for its durability, the pant stands out with a twisted seam that introduces an intentional design twist, enhancing movement. It features asymmetrical back pockets, with a flap pocket on one side and a welt pocket on the other. Made from 100% nylon, these pants provide a snug, true-to-fit wear with slight stretch for comfort and a tailored appearance.



We're proud and excited to feature Angel and Chavez Barrientes. The dynamic duo of professional boxing and friends of FEATURE, have emerged as formidable forces in the realm of combat sports. Hailing from Hawaii and Las Vegas, these twin brothers have cultivated a profound love for boxing since childhood. Their unique cultural blend, stemming from Filipino, Portuguese, Japanese, and Mexican heritage, not only enriches their identities but also shapes their distinctive fighting styles. Beyond their prowess in the ring, the Barrientes twins have ventured into the world of high fashion, gracing campaigns for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Jo Malone, and Jacquemus, adding another dimension to their versatile careers.

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