WTF! Happened: City High


Ryan Toby, Robbie Pardlo and Claudette Ortiz made up the r&b group City High. All three originate from New Jersey which gave their sound a diffrenet one at the time. The early 2000's reigned their commercial success with their hit song "What Would You Do" which was a story of a young woman living a hard life and was compelled to sell her body to take care of her family.

The group initially consisted of Toby and Pardlo but under the wing of legend, Wyclef Jean, he insisted they add a third member who was a female. Their first debut album entitled, City High, gained many positive feedback and was a solid foundation as their first album. Working with Wyclef under the record label, Wooga Booga they've gained some mainstream success but disbanded in 2003. After dating Pardlo during her time with the band, Ortiz later went on dating and later on marrying Toby after the disbandment. Ortiz and Toby later divorced in 2007.

Recent years include Pardlo's appearcne on A&E's show, Intervention to control his alcohol abuse but still participates in the music industry. As for Ortiz and Toby, the two are still divorced and Ortiz is set to appear in TV One's show, R&B Divas: LA. As for Toby, he has found a new sound for music and has found a new significant other.

- Francis Santos

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