Feature Top 7 'Weekly Rotation': @ElisaPlease

Feature Top 7 'Weekly Rotation': @ElisaPlease

Kevin Sanchez

This week's #FeatureTop7 features Elisa showcasing her top 7 footwear choices. The lineup includes a variety of runners, iconic Jordans and even our own Saucony collab. Elisa's collection showcases her personal taste, along with comfort, and coveted collaborations. Check out the full breakdown below along with a couple reasons as to why she chose these 7 sneakers. 

1. K1X x Patrick Mohr MK4 in Red - "The suede and wooden Patrick Mohr accent really make this shoe stand out. Streetwear with a touch of high end."

2. Air Jordan 4 'Doernbecher' - "The detail on these is crazy. Laser detailing, icy bottoms and a crazy colorway. Plus, the sneaker was made for a good cause."

3. Adidas Yeezy 950 Boot in Moonrock - "The 950 is one of my favorite recent silhouettes. I actually received this as a gift. Can't get better than that."

4. Adidas Originals Ultra Boost in Grey Fleece - "Most comfortable sneaker I've ever owned."

5. Saucony x Feature LV G9 Shadow 6 'High Roller' - "Feature's first sneaker collaboration had to be in my top 7."

6. Nike Air Jordan 1 High 'Royal' - "Iconic colorway on the Air Jordan 1. Not much more to say."

7. Puma by Rihanna Women's Creeper - "My favorite Rihanna and Puma collaboration so far. Iconic uppers with a crepe sole by Mr. Completely." 

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