Launching in 2018 in Los Angeles, the emerging luxury menswear brand Nahmias was established by its current Creative Director and Designer, Doni Nahmias. With connections to Summerland and Santa Barbara, Doni moved to Los Angeles to pursue fashion. Under Mike Amiri's guidance, the self-taught designer started by interning for the well-respected AMIRI brand. Nahmias was launched shortly after and took inspiration from surf, skate, and streetwear cultures. The luxury brand has emerged onto the Los Angeles fashion scene with force, joining the likes of AMIRI, John Elliot, and Rhude. The label is personal and tells the story of SoCal beach kid culture. Nahmias’ new arrivals often include t-shirts, hoodies, baggy trousers, football shirts, cargo pants, silk shorts, silk shirts, track pants, trucker hats + more.